Illegal immigrants for the most part, they aren’t working under the table. They use fake social security numbers, and pay taxes (FICA) on every dollar they make. At tax time, they do not file, and end up forfeiting billions of dollars in unclaimed returns. As a side note, they also pay rent where they live, and so contribute to the local and state tax coffers that way. They pay sales tax when they buy things, which is also a major contribution. Undocumented workers aren’t masked criminals. They’re just people who want to work.

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pitchfork this sunday!

Second time seeing Schoolboy Q & Isaiah Rashad.

Third time seeing Kendrick Lamar.
Which is a big deal!

Why is it a big deal?

Cos it’s almost going to be a year since i went to my first Kendrick Lamar concert ( August 3rd ) & that’s where I met this complete stranger who was about 6 persons away from me & who also made Kendrick stop the whole concert just to give this dude his hat becos he knew all the words to every song Kendrick did that night. (That was suppose to be my hat btw).

Fast forward to now, Sunday will be the first time I’ll be side by side with the complete stranger who has Kendrick’s hat ,AKA my boyfriend, watching the guy who brought us together, KENDRICK LAMAR.

If you go away on this summer day, then you might as well take the sun away.


if pooh bear can wear a crop top so can i